The Vision

And Mission of Redeeming Childbirth

The vision is that Christian women would unite under one head, Christ, who is our Cornerstone and begin to minister to one another in an edifying way with regard to this season in a woman’s life. Embracing His Miracle, Experiencing His Presence, and Engaging Birth & Integrating Relationships are key challenges to grow towards and incorporate in this journey.

The mission of Redeeming Childbirth is to encourage and equip women with tools to engage the journey of pregnancy, labor and childbirth with confidence in the Lord, that we might birth differently than the world, thus being a light unto it.
The goal is not to convince women to choose the same method of birthing, but rather to encourage women to engage whatever circumstances {good or bad}, trials, or experiences the Lord allows intentionally seeking His wisdom, counsel and care through the spiritual disciplines of study, meditation, prayer, praise and worship.
The purpose of Redeeming Childbirth is to motivate and inspire Christian women to incorporate the Lord in the birthing process through example and mentoring. The outcome of every birth may be similar in every woman’s story–a baby in your arms. But the difference in a redeemed childbirth is seen in the mind, heart and soul of the woman. When a woman can look back on the pregnancy and childbirth experience itself and see God’s footprints, recognize His purposes and blessing. We have many opportunities for spiritual growth in life.

Redeeming Childbirth attempts to challenge and lead women to pursue growth in their lives on a deeper level of intimacy with Christ. It may not look the same for all. Some may have caesareans, some home-births, some at the hospital with an epidural but with worship music and a sister-in-law as a laboring partner {growing their relationship in a new way}, some may be inspired to involve their children by inviting them to the birth… there are so many ways a redeemed-birth could “look.” God has a different plan for each of our lives, each of our experiences in this life… my heart is to simply encourage women to open their hearts in full surrender to Christ, asking Him to lead their decisions and walk with them through it all.”

As a Titus 2 Woman who has birthed six babies myself, my desire is to glorify the Lord for what He has done in my births and my life through experiencing Him in this season. My heart desire is that my sisters in the Lord would look back on their pregnancies and birthing experience as a spiritual milestone that can encourage and edify others. That even if they have hard pregnancies, experiences traumatic births, or even if they loose a baby… they would be empowered to keep their eyes on Jesus through it all. My heart cries out on behalf of what many sisters have suffered and endured in these circumstances, but God is the one and only Healer. I want to rejoice with them, when I hear their testimonies of strength and growth… their stories of sanctification. I want to rejoice with sisters who have top of the mountain birth experiences and praise God for the gifts and good He has done in blessing them. And lastly I want to inspire women to dream… of what He can do. That women who are expecting would live with anticipation of what to experience, not dread and fear.


Will you pray for this ministry?

  • Pray for more women to be encouraged and blessed by the message, that they might be encouraged in their spiritual walk with the Lord.  

  • Pray for the church, that this message would inspire women to integrate their faith and invite Jesus to be a part of this journey toward motherhood.

  • Pray for the unity among women in the body of Christ. That birth would again begin to be a common bond that ties us closer, not divide us.

  • Pray that women would not be judgmental, but encourage one another in the Lord.

  • Will you pray for each woman to truly be vulnerable before the Lord and allow Him to convict their hearts if they have idols. Ask God to show us our sin and ways that we are acting and responding like the world and not like daughters of the King.

  • Will you pray for these mothers-to-be to do their part in preparing for this journey, but for our sisters to remember to surrender their plans unto the Lord and His will for their lives.

Spring @ the Tolpin Vineyard

May we all come together and support one another!

Together We Shine His Light, 


Angie Tolpin

If you are pregnant right now, I would deeply encourage you to get a copy of Redeeming Childbirth: Experiencing His Presence in Pregnancy, Labor, Childbirth and Beyond and the Growth & Study Guide.

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