Protected: Am I Going to Be Pregnant for Eternity? Be Thou My Vision Lord

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Natural Birth: Empowering & Humbling

A bride doesn’t expect to buy maternity pants six months after her wedding – but there I was, six months after my wedding day, waddling into Target, and buying maternity pants. I wept when I saw those two pink lines in the spring, partly from shock and partly from overwhelming dread. I don’t think I […]

Birth Testimonial Tuesday & Link-Up

I am so excited to have Justina Page sharing her twin birth testimony with us today. If you have a story you would like to share here at Redeeming Childbirth, click here to submit your story or simply add your link at the end of this article. My testimony is to the end that we […]

Redeeming All the Births Life Brings

I am very excited to share what my dear friend Jill messaged me today! Jill is a Titus 2 Woman that I have been blessed to know personally in real life and I am thrilled that she is sharing with you here. She has captured what the true vision behind this website, this book, this […]

Share Your Story~Testimonial Tuesday Link-Up

Every life changing, stretching, challenging or spiritually significant experience we have in our life has the potential to impact our worldview, expectations, and future decisions. Whether “good or bad” in the eye of the beholder, life’s events leave a lasting impression in our hearts, minds, emotions, and memories. Like etching words onto stone, our milestone […]

Birth Testimony Link-Up

We have all been blessed and chosen by God to be mothers! Though our birth stories may not all look the same, we can all choose to glorify God in how we tell the story. Teaching the truth of the goodness of Our God. The beauty of His unique plan for each of is portrayed […]

God is Our Fortress in Childbirth

Even though my husband had to be out of town right before my “guess date” I had a peace that he wouldn’t miss the birth.  The night he came home he joked with me that after a great night’s sleep I could go ahead and have the baby.  I woke up in the morning with […]

Transforming Trauma to Mission

*Note* This post is not meant to scare anyone, but the reality is that sometimes traumatic birth experiences, like what Jennifer experienced, happens. In this post she very tactfully shares her story without going into detail, focused on honoring God and choosing to look at what she can do to allow God to redeem her […]

Testimonial Tuesday’s: A Story of Surrender: Eli born by HBA2C

My first son was born by cesarean. I planned to have a VBAC with my second son only to be turned away by my “supportive” hospital when labor began at almost 42 weeks. This is the birth story of my third son… I woke up around 2am on Saturday May 12th with contractions coming approximately […]

Finding Christmas Joy During A Difficult Pregnancy

Seven years ago on Christmas Day I was about 9 weeks into my first pregnancy.  It was our first Christmas season as a married couple, and I had high hopes of starting new and meaningful traditions of our own. Instead, I found myself in a hospital bed, struggling through the early stages of a life […]