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Welcome to Redeeming Childbirth’s Blog

I am excited to introduce to the vision behind the blog here at Redeeming Childbirth dot com.

One of the main missions of Redeeming Childbirth is to bring unity among the women in the body of Christ with regard to childbirth. To restore that common bond that used to be among women everywhere–that which is now more divided than ever. As I share in Redeeming Childbirth, the Spirit of God grieves over any division among His people–I deeply believe that includes the division that is among women in the church with regard to pregnancy, labor and childbirth. So in attempts to put action to words… I am dedicating this blog to be a place for unity, for mentoring, and for sharing personal testimonies of what the Lord has done and is doing in your life (with regard to pregnancy, labor, childbirth, postpartum, and motherhood).

What are you learning from the Lord?

What is your birth story and how was Jesus involved?

Share your journey~what was it like for you walking beside Jesus during this season in a woman’s life?

The main theme is for all women to seek and invite the Lord into this intimate journey from pregnancy to motherhood.

As sisters in Christ we need to encourage one another and build one another up having confidence in Him. My prayer is that this blog would be a place for God Glorifying Spiritual Milestones to be shared.

Let’s praise Him in our writing, in our recalling the story of what He has done in our lives.

To submit your story please email it to me at [email protected] or connect here:

Together We Shine Brighter,

Angie T