Redeeming Childbirth as an Evangelistic Tool

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At the heart of Redeeming Childbirth is a testimony of redemption. The truth that Jesus saves, that His grace is a free gift for all is a strong message within the core of this text. Though from one another, each of the testimonies shared within Redeeming Childbirth and on the RC blog reveal God’s grace in their experiences. There are three chapters devoted to the study of pain and deliverance, the explanation of sin, the fall, consequences to sin, and salvation in Jesus Christ.

In the chapter entitled 1 Timothy 2:15, which takes a deeper look at the meaning behind, “Yet she will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith and love and holiness, with self-control.” (1 Tim. 2:15, ESV)

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The chapters Beautiful Pain, 1 Timothy 2:15, and Fruitful Surrender attempt to bring a clear explanation of the meaning of “salvation” used in this text are at the core of understanding redemption through experiencing it first hand in life as we partner with God to “bring forth life.” There is a brief, but concise explanation and study on the difference between justification and sanctification so to teach the truth about Jesus Christ with regard to our salvation.

My heart and prayer is the Redeeming Childbirth could be used as an evangelistic tool. There is personal testimony of God’s grace, truth and beauty all throughout the countless stories shared. There is intentional study of the scriptures with regard to this season in a woman’s life and specifically a study on sanctification.

About three months into writing the Lord impressed upon my heart the vision of using this book as an evangelistic tools to women in crisis. When I was in college, I went on a short term (3 mo.) mission trip to Istanbul, Turkey to teach English as a second language and counsel battered Muslim women and later had an internship working in a Pregnancy Resource Center. My heart has always been to minister to women. It is part of my DNA. As I wrote, I couldn’t help but think of those women. Birth is the one event/experience that can bond women in a sisterhood, but imagine the impact for God Kingdom if Redeeming Childbirth got into the hands of pregnant women who are spiritually lost, empty, and hungry for truth? Imagine the tool this could be for counselors of women in crisis–like giving spiritual food to a hungry soul.

Redeeming Childbirth simply talks about pregnancy, labor, childbirth and motherhood with an eternal perspective and attempts to nourish the soul and prepare women for this journey. It is as comprehensive as would a reasonable page count allow, but there are many more resources coming for free on the website.

In order to get this tool into the hands of those women who need it most, who are in need of salvation in Christ, we are excited to announce we will be donating 10% of all profits to go toward distributing this message of deliverance to Pregnancy Resource Centers, Midwifery Clinics, Birthing Centers and the like.

We want this tool to be just that. A tool for health care professionals to utilize as they “care” for the women they see. Doctor’s often can’t and or won’t attempt to talk about how a woman’s heart is doing in preparing for birth, this book can be that tool for them.

If you would like to join this effort to get the message of redemption in Jesus Christ out to all women. Please join with us.

We offer bulk orders of Redeeming Childbirth at discount so you can partner with us in this work. There really is no better feeling than serving, so let’s do it together.

Also, we will be accepting donations shortly for this effort as well, stay connected with us so you hear about those update by subscribing below.

Thank you for partnering with us as we bring a message of unity, healing, and growth in Jesus to expectant mothers all over the world.

Together We Lead for His Glory,

Spring @ the Tolpin Vineyard Angie Tolpin

Author of Redeeming Childbirth, Founder and Writer at Leaving a Legacy, and Speaker

Angie is married to Isaac Tolpin and together they have been blessed with six children. She writes on marriage, parenting and faith at her blog, and loves ministering to marriages with her husband through their Leaders Marriage Seminars.
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Angie is married to her best friend Isaac and is a homeschooling mom to seven children ranging in age from 5 months to 15 years old. She loves to encourage moms and wives and thrives best when accompanied by her husband as they speak together. She is the author of Redeeming Childbirth, The Growth & Study Guide, and the online Bible Study: The Quiet Fight Between Women.

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  1. I just stumbled on this blog this morning through A Wise Woman Builds Her Home. I have suffered a loss of a daughter shortly after childbirth to which the Lord changed the direction of my life to one of service to childbearing women. I am now a midwife. I will be sharing these resources to my clients and would LOVE this book for my lending library.


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