Choosing a Heart Attitude of Thankfulness

Choosing a heart of thankfulness begins when one recognizes just how blessed they are. November… the month of Thanksgiving. It brings out a new attitude and inspires a healthy perspective in most people. But this is the thing, we should be choosing this same heart attitude everyday. As I share this picture of my sixth […]

Natural After Birth Kit | Practical Postpartum Care

Practical care for a new mama postpartum Recently I have had the pleasure of reconnecting with a friend that I used to work with ten years ago. She asked me to doula for her upcoming birth. So, I put together this little kit to take with me. I thought I would share about some of […]

In Every Season, You are Still God {Including Postpartum}

Postpartum Transitions Postpartum is a huge season of transition for the whole family. There are so many changes. As mamas, we get to try juggle all of it and attempt to do it cheerfully. On a previous blog post Angie talked about some of the practical ways to prepare your heart and your home prior […]

A Challenge to Titus 2 WOG

Mentors, Sisters, Aspiring Titus 2 Women of God, We have such an opportunity for strengthening one another as a team. You have either heard me speak on or read about guarding yourself and being wise in whom you choose as a mentor; where I urge you to Look at the Fruit in a woman’s life […]

Join Our Mentoring Group | Giveaway

Do you have fears about your upcoming birth or even being a mom? Are you struggling in your marriage and want a change? Do you yearn for like-minded fellowship or encouragement in seeking the Lord? Ladies, this is what our online mentoring group is all about! It’s not about how you have your baby or […]

Redeeming All the Births Life Brings

I am very excited to share what my dear friend Jill messaged me today! Jill is a Titus 2 Woman that I have been blessed to know personally in real life and I am thrilled that she is sharing with you here. She has captured what the true vision behind this website, this book, this […]

Childbirth is Not a Curse, It’s a Blessing

Time for a Few Ice Breakers: Q: How do you know if you are pregnant or if you have the flu? A: If it’s the flu, you’ll get better Q: Does labor cause hemorrhoids? A: Labor causes anything you want to blame on it Ba-dum-tish Ok so now it’s time for serious. 😉 Yesterday we […]

Pregnancy is NOT an Ailment, Childbirth is NOT a Curse, and Children are NOT a Burden

What would you say or think if a friend of yours told you the fantastic news that she was expecting? Now what if that friend already had 3 children? Or seven children? Or what if your friend doesn’t have a steady income? Would you honestly be happy for that friend? What would you say or […]

Warning: Don’t Judge One Another for Education Choices or Childbirth Choices

What on earth does home schooling have to do with childbirth? Not much… accept that when we are pregnant we have an opportunity to teach our children about how God designed women and men, how He created them and their new sibling uniquely, and begin developing open communication on topics that relate to sexuality. Home […]

Vulnerability & Postpartum

As I have been praying about joining Angie here at Redeemingchildbirth {dot} com, I have been considering different topics for my first blog post. My heart was to connect with you in a way that would give you a deeper look into my heart as well as establish a bit of credibility. I found myself […]