10 Tips to Treating & Preventing Mastitis Naturally

  I didn’t understand or practice resting for a season of postpartum until my fifth baby, and it changed everything. I totally over did it after my first four babies.  My expectations of myself were formed and influenced by two things alone: my own perfectionistic, performance based acceptance of myself and community minded selfishness and […]

The Importance of Postpartum Care Part 1

“Is ours not a strange culture that focuses so much attention on childbirth–virtually all of it based on anxiety and fear–and so little on the crucial time after birth, when patterns are established that will affect the individual and the family for decades?” Suzanne Arms In the article, “How Other Countries Prevent Postpartum Depression“, Kathleen […]

Treating Anemia During Pregnancy & Postpartum Naturally

Are you feeling chronically exhausted, light headed, or even dizzy? Are your feet swollen and are you having a hard time concentrating? Or maybe you are addicted to crunching ice? Many think that most of the symptoms above, such as fatigue and swollen feet, are common to pregnancy, which is true. But may I exhort you for a […]

Give Yourself Some Grace Mama

Nine years ago our family was blessed with our third baby, a little girl. What a joy to receive such a gift at Christmas time. Yes, she was a gift. But this postpartum season was different from my others, as all postpartum experiences are different. I now have a special place in my heart for […]

Natural After Birth Kit | Practical Postpartum Care

Practical care for a new mama postpartum Recently I have had the pleasure of reconnecting with a friend that I used to work with ten years ago. She asked me to doula for her upcoming birth. So, I put together this little kit to take with me. I thought I would share about some of […]

In Every Season, You are Still God {Including Postpartum}

Postpartum Transitions Postpartum is a huge season of transition for the whole family. There are so many changes. As mamas, we get to try juggle all of it and attempt to do it cheerfully. On a previous blog post Angie talked about some of the practical ways to prepare your heart and your home prior […]

Vulnerability & Postpartum

As I have been praying about joining Angie here at Redeemingchildbirth {dot} com, I have been considering different topics for my first blog post. My heart was to connect with you in a way that would give you a deeper look into my heart as well as establish a bit of credibility. I found myself […]

Postpartum can be a Blessing

Just as every pregnancy is so different for each woman, so is postpartum. Some struggle more than others hormonally, emotionally and transitionally. Unfortunately, in modern medicine most, not all, but most doctors don’t take the time to truly teach or equip women for the season {postpartum} following childbirth. But because of the rise in women […]