Have You Ever Felt Judged?

Have you ever felt judged for the decisions you make regarding how you have your baby? How about for how many kids you have or don’t have? Or what the education choices you have made for your children are? Maybe you’ve lost friends because of your decisions? Or friendships grew farther and more distant. You […]

Be Holy, Because He is Holy

Holiness in Childbirth Holiness in Pregnancy Holiness in Mothering Holiness in Womanhood “but as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, because it is written, “Be holy, for I am holy.” 1 Peter 1:15-16 In All Your Conduct? Be holy? Today I was so blessed to join my dear sister in the Lord, […]

Choosing a Heart Attitude of Thankfulness

Choosing a heart of thankfulness begins when one recognizes just how blessed they are. November… the month of Thanksgiving. It brings out a new attitude and inspires a healthy perspective in most people. But this is the thing, we should be choosing this same heart attitude everyday. As I share this picture of my sixth […]

Supporting Guardian Project

You may remember this post from back in Feb. this past Spring, where I introduced this awesome new ministry to you all?! And tomorrow is the day of the race! A few things have changed since this original post, so make sure you go to their website here to get more details if you are […]

Pregnancy is NOT an Ailment, Childbirth is NOT a Curse, and Children are NOT a Burden

What would you say or think if a friend of yours told you the fantastic news that she was expecting? Now what if that friend already had 3 children? Or seven children? Or what if your friend doesn’t have a steady income? Would you honestly be happy for that friend? What would you say or […]

Warning: Don’t Judge One Another for Education Choices or Childbirth Choices

What on earth does home schooling have to do with childbirth? Not much… accept that when we are pregnant we have an opportunity to teach our children about how God designed women and men, how He created them and their new sibling uniquely, and begin developing open communication on topics that relate to sexuality. Home […]


I am so thrilled to introduce you to our newest member of the Redeeming Childbirth Team! For months now I have been praying for God to bring those HE wants into my path to join in this ministry. When I started writing Redeeming Childbirth, the book, I honestly thought… well I will write this little […]

Growing in my Heart

A little girl with long auburn pigtails stomped her boot into the dirt with determination, her fists balled and her mouth scrunched up like she’d eaten a sour tart. “I don’t want to be the mom, you be the mom.” “Somebody’s gotta be the mom and it’s gotta be you!” “Does not!” “Does too.” “Does […]


Would you like to lead a study through Redeeming Childbirth with your Mom’s group? We Have a READER-ONLY DOWNLOAD that is designed as a companion for Redeeming Childbirth, complete with journal questions and two FREE Bonus Chapters! The Redeeming Childbirth Growth & Study Guide is available here. Author, Angie Tolpin is available as a speaker […]

Redeeming Childbirth as an Evangelistic Tool

10% will Be Donated to the PRC At the heart of Redeeming Childbirth is a testimony of redemption. The truth that Jesus saves, that His grace is a free gift for all is a strong message within the core of this text. Though from one another, each of the testimonies shared within Redeeming Childbirth and […]