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~Married to Isaac Tolpin

~Mama to six children (ranging in ages from 12-2)

~Owner of Damascus Vineyards (hobby vineyard)

~Angie is also the founder and creator of Leaving A Legacy, the online ministry to encourage marriages and families to thrive, not just survive.

~She and her husband Isaac run Marriage Seminars through their company Choose Growth.

~Her passions include: being intentional in her relationships, writing and blogging, gardening, learning, teaching and helping others.



Dear Sisters in the Lord,

This project has been quite a journey for me and my family. For thirteen years, since I was pregnant with my first born child, I have had a desire deep in my heart to talk about some hard issues regarding pregnancy, labor and childbirth with you. We may not know one another personally, but I am not much different from you. I am an ordinary stay at home mom.  I meet and married my husband while I was still in University. Then after a few months after marriage, we were expecting our first baby!

I am an ordinary woman, a wife, and a mom… but I have an extraordinary God! Jesus Christ has blessed my life and grown me, because I have chosen to surrender to Him as often as I can. I mess up all the time and deal with sin just like anyone, but I rest in His grace as I deal with it.

You might be thinking: “ordinary?” She has six kids!!! Let me reassure you I am ordinary, but this is one example of how extra ordinary our God really is. I didn’t plan to have six children. Simply put, my husband and I have  prayed through our marriage for the Lord’s guidance. We made a commitment to one another to not make any decision unless we BOTH had His peace. Jokingly, Isaac and I laugh about how we have not been on the same page many times on this topic. Fortunately, because both of our hearts have been to obey Him alone, regardless of circumstances, He has always changed one of our hearts and brought us into alignment.


Why Redeeming Childbirth?

God really truly ministered to me in my pregnancies, labors and births.  Each so unique, each such a new experience. For years I have desired to teach and share the things the Lord has taught me on this journey… things I didn’t understand until even the fourth, fifth and sixth child. Now is the time and I am so thrilled to be able to deliver Redeeming Childbirth to you for encouragement as well as some challenging thoughts.

There is a blessing to be experienced in pregnancy, labor and childbirth. Sadly, because of our culture and the influence it has on our beliefs and convictions regarding pregnancy and childbirth we miss out on some amazing experiences and growth in the Lord.

I know that Redeeming Childbirth is a lot to digest, but I deeply believe it is a message that seeks to Glorify the Lord. The mission is that women would begin to invite the Lord into their pregnancy, labor and childbirth and that we all would intentionally seek to glorify Him through our unique experiences. Your story may not be anything like what you read in Redeeming Childbirth, but my prayer is that it would opens your eyes to what could be and inspire you to dream, seeking God’s will for your life journey. So as you read, remember you have freedom not to exercise all that is talked about (for example: you may not want your child in your birth), but at least you have been introduced to some testimonies of amazing things God has done in the lives of other sisters in the Lord. Redeeming Childbirth is not something we can do. It is a work the Lord does that requires us surrendering it to Him.

God Bless your journey sweet sister. I encourage you to look around Redeeming Childbirth’s site. It is like a antique room with all kinds of treasures, except they are all Free!

Together We Shine His Light Everywhere,

Angie Tolpin

Author of Redeeming Childbirth

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