Let’s Unite

Are you interested in uniting with us to create a movement of unity among women on this controversial topic?
Do you feel restless to rise up and be a Titus 2 Woman who encourages younger mothers in their childbearing season and like-minded sisters as we walk through these trenches together?

We now have a new Product Review Team Option for those who have a online presence.

View our Launch Team Video from December/Jan. 2013 which shares a brief vision:

Basic Requirements:

1.) Promote on Social Media & Word of Mouth–
Make sure we are connected on Twitter, FB, G+, & Pinterest

2.) Embed our button or link on your sites sidebar or links page

HTML: <a href=”http://redeemingchildbirth.com” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://redeemingchildbirth.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/125×125.jpg”></a>


3.) Write a Review for your blog

  • Include at least one photo of the book and live links to RedeemingChildbirth.com and our online communities.
  • Add a disclosure inf your post telling your readers you received an electronic version of the book in exchange for your review.


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