Labor Pains of Writing & Publishing

The time is getting nearer! Just as a woman prepares for when her baby is going to be born and she waits with anticipation for the labor pains to kick in… so have I been. When publishing a book for the first time you never really know how long every step in process is going to take. For the past six months I have had many “false alarms”… thinking the project was complete… and then the Lord would whisper wait and lay convictions on my heart like the need to be above reproof and to seek out multiple people to review and proof the book.

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Now the time is near, and there is honestly very similar fears as to the day of the birth. Most days I am excited and simply impatient because I so badly want to serve my sisters and my Lord with this book. But on other days I have fear, I doubt if I have done a good enough work because like my sweet editor Sandra told me, “it can always be improved.”  I have a tendency to be a people-pleaser, which tempts me to worry about what others will think.

I wonder if others will see my heart? Will they judge and condemn this message that I felt the Lord so strongly impress upon my heart? The answer I hear is yes–to both.

I worry I won’t have enough strength to do it all. Do I have it in me to be the good mama to my children this Christmas season, to serve and help my husband, manage the home, practice hospitality, and train/encourage the physical and spiritual health of my home all while trying my best to “get the word out”?

The time is getting nearer and when these fears, these doubts, these feelings begin to tempt me… to call me. Then He speaks. I rest and in awe of Him and Who He is, What He has Done, and What He is Going to Do. And I am at peace. Then after He has reminded me I do not need to fear… it is His. That truth, that He is guiding and leading, gives me a new found energy to keep on keeping on–just as a woman in labor.

I have been laboring my dear sisters… for you… for us all. That we might have unity in all things in Christ, even this intimate topic of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.

But I need help!

I need labor partners who will be my advocate. Who will rise up as sisters united and bring forth this message that God has about not fearing, about knowing Him more, about trusting His design, about not judging one another, about”Doing” what we were made to do for the glory of our Father in Heaven.

Will you join me? Will you be my labor partners so that this burden is lighter. Will you help deliver this message to the women in the body of Christ?

Will you join God? In what He wants so desperately to do–to create unity among His daughters. Because He is with us! And when we choose to rise up, join hands and march forth proclaiming truth-He will bless us all.

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Thank you my dear sisters- God Bless You

Angie T

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