I am so thrilled to introduce you to our newest member of the Redeeming Childbirth Team! For months now I have been praying for God to bring those HE wants into my path to join in this ministry. When I started writing Redeeming Childbirth, the book, I honestly thought… well I will write this little book for other moms who happen to have similar needs I had every time I was pregnant… a spiritual mentor or  sister in the Lord to point me to Jesus and encourage me in the journey I was on. This had been stirring in my heart since the birth of my first baby almost 13 years ago, but I really had no idea what God had in store on this journey.

One thing led to another and then all of a sudden, it wasn’t just a book, but a ministry instead. Once we decided to create a separate website for the book so people could find it better {Search Engine Optimization}, rather than hosting it on my personal website Leaving a Legacy, it became more than I could handle all by myself. You see, my heart has been divided a lot this year. Since 2006 I wrote at this little blog over here and never really told anyone, then in the fall of 2011 I got intentional and moved over here. I only blogged about “birthy stuff” about six times … for a couple different reasons.

1. I was scared of being judged by others for having natural births and was nervous about sharing such intimate things online {I didn’t “trust” the internet} LOL

2. There is more to me than is in this book. There is more to me than a woman who has had 6 babies with the help of the Lord

I promised the Lord when I began writing that I would give it my best to spread the message and minister to whomever He put in my path. Honestly, I thought, WHO AM I? No one will read this book, I’m not a midwife or a doctor. But the Lord’s hand has been on this ministry and He has captured my heart for women in this season in such a profound way. My heart was open and vulnerable and God touched my heart in a deeper way than ever before as I wrote, read His word, experienced His presence in Prayer and worship. He brought you, my sisters to my mind over and over again, as I would rush to get dishes done as fast as possible so I could stay up from 9:30pm-3am to write to you. And then a surprise came. After the release of the book, I have been blessed by you…as I have you have shared your hearts and stories with me… I was blessed.

What now?

The Lord’s vision for Redeeming Childbirth continues to grow. I can’t share all He has impressed upon my heart here or this would be a book too, but it is REALLY EXCITING! I don’t know the timing of it all… God will reveal that when it is His timing. He always does. I know you are curious, but you are just going to have to wait! That being said, I am feeling the need to have some time to really seek the Lord’s face for what God wants the future of Redeeming Childbirth to be. You see… I don’t view this as my ministry. It’s really God’s. And since it has never been about me or my opinion, but rather about glorifying His Name and introducing others to know Jesus Christ more intimately, I have asked God to provide like-minded sisters in the Lord who want to serve by my side.

Honestly, I am feeling very pulled in different directions right now.  My husband is building a business, Choose Growth, which I feel called to help him with more. Our children {all six} are still under 13 years old, so my heart is in my home. I don’t need to list all we have on our plate, but I have felt a stirring to write on MANY different topics, not just birth. I feel alive when I am writing and speaking. It’s part of how God wired me and I believe it is what he calls me to as my greatest contribution to the body of Christ. But I feel I haven’t been able to serve you fully here because I just can’t do it all. So I have been praying for a while for the Lord to bring a few women onto our team that are in alignment and believe in the vision of Redeeming Childbirth to help serve you better.

Standards for Redeeming Childbirth Team Members


~It is most important to me that these individuals are above reproof, living lives of integrity and following the Lord Jesus Christ in real life, walking what they preach.
~It is also important that their heart beats in alignment with the vision and mission of Redeeming Childbirth.
~It is also important to me, as the leader, to know their gifts, what they feel called to, and that those are in alignment and filling a need of the greater vision.

Introducing Jamie Matthew

You know how God brings people into your life for distinct purposes??? Well, I believe this is one of those such relationships. It has been very important to me, if I was ever to bring on help, that the women be above reproof in their homes and communities. I met Jamie at church and have had the great pleasure of connecting with her on this topic of ministry to women in the childbearing years. I am so pleased to be adding Jamie to our team. She is like me, not a “writer,” but a woman who loves the Lord and loves to serve women in this season. Jamie and her mother have attended many births just to simply serve. Here is a short letter from Jamie. Please help me welcome her to the team.

Hello Ladies,

I am delighted to have this opportunity to connect with all of you here at Redeeming Childbirth {dot} com.  God has been stirring in me a passion to share what He has been teaching me as a young mom over the past 7 years. I am so excited to connect with you here.

My name is Jamie Mathew. I am married to my true love, Jonathan Mathew. We are living our happily ever after…just with less sleep than ever imagined. We have been blessed with four crazy little people, ages six and under. My desire is to disciple my children with contagious love and consistency in a way that blesses their souls, and brings glory to the Lord.
Family Picture
I don’t like coffee. I know. Crazy! I’m an American mom of four that doesn’t drink coffee. Most days I wish I drank coffee, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.  

I spend my days stepping on little plastic army men, folding laundry, and wiping food off of cute chubby faces.  In the few moments of quiet each day I enjoy super hot baths, (it’s a women’s blog, I can say that right?) reading, and working on miscellaneous crafty projects.

I love REAL people. I am challenged and inspired by others who are willing to share their “messy” and walk through life linked by our common need for grace. Quality time, late evening chats, and sincere heart to heart conversations energize me like very few other things. I love hearing people’s life stories and learning from their experiences.

I have been blessed to serve a few women during their labors and the birthing of their babies.  The miracle of birth and that experience is like no other.

I look forward to sharing here, and giving you a glimpse in to my heart. The Lord has given me a burden to see women caring for one another with love, grace, and genuineness. I am truly passionate about and desire that NO new mom would ever feel like she has to do this Mama thing alone. We are called to bear each others’ burdens and to walk in a manner worthy of the gospel.  Some days it is pure joy, and on others it truly is plain hard work. My prayer is that you would be encouraged here, and inspired as the Holy Spirit works in ways that only He can.

Jamie Head Shot

 Blessings dear women,

 Jamie Mathew

 [email protected]

Jamie will be a regular contributor here on the blog, writing on many different topics with regard to this season in a woman’s life. You will also get to engage with her on the RC FB page! She and I will sign our posts so you know who is writing! Help me welcome Jamie. Leave a comment and say hello!

About Angie Tolpin

Angie is married to her best friend Isaac and is a homeschooling mom to seven children ranging in age from 5 months to 15 years old. She loves to encourage moms and wives and thrives best when accompanied by her husband as they speak together. She is the author of Redeeming Childbirth, The Growth & Study Guide, and the online Bible Study: The Quiet Fight Between Women.

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  1. Lorna Barclay says:

    Hi Jamie,
    I know God will use you to encourage and bless others. How exciting for you to have this opportunity to minister to other women.