When You Just Had a Baby & You Don’t Feel Like Being Romantic

Hello Sisters, I know what you are thinking. I’ll just be the one to go ahead and say it. We’ve all been there before. Every day may be different when it comes to hormones during pregnancy and postpartum. Then there is the lack of sleep and exhaustion from either growing a human or being a […]

10 Tips to Treating & Preventing Mastitis Naturally

  I didn’t understand or practice resting for a season of postpartum until my fifth baby, and it changed everything. I totally over did it after my first four babies.  My expectations of myself were formed and influenced by two things alone: my own perfectionistic, performance based acceptance of myself and community minded selfishness and […]

Preparing for Postpartum Part 2: Evaluating & Preparing Your Schedule

Time is one of our greatest commodities here on earth. And it is our responsibility to steward it well. Many might think that taking 30-45 days to rest is absurd and excessive, but did you know that women who take time to recover and heal have less likely a chance of suffering PPD AND they […]

The Importance of Postpartum Care Part 1

“Is ours not a strange culture that focuses so much attention on childbirth–virtually all of it based on anxiety and fear–and so little on the crucial time after birth, when patterns are established that will affect the individual and the family for decades?” Suzanne Arms In the article, “How Other Countries Prevent Postpartum Depression“, Kathleen […]

Treating Anemia During Pregnancy & Postpartum Naturally

Are you feeling chronically exhausted, light headed, or even dizzy? Are your feet swollen and are you having a hard time concentrating? Or maybe you are addicted to crunching ice? Many think that most of the symptoms above, such as fatigue and swollen feet, are common to pregnancy, which is true. But may I exhort you for a […]

Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

As a sister in Christ who has experienced the joys as well as the trials that can come “being with child,” I have longed to write to you with some practical advise and encouragement on dealing with morning sickness. If you have read, “Redeeming Childbirth” or glanced at the Table of Contents, you would have noticed the […]

Exercise during Pregnancy

As a friend of Bethany’s, I am very excited to share what she is doing to help moms all over the globe to regain strength and empower them to be the best mom and wife they can be. There are a lot of myths and contradicting beliefs about exercise and pregnancy out there today, so […]