My Father in Heaven deserves all the praise for the vision, mission, and inspiration as well as all the divine appointments He orchestrated throughout the process of writing this book. Thank you sweet Jesus!

Other Big Thanks and Hugs

  • To my hubs, Isaac who believed in me and encouraged me to write to you. He has been my biggest inspiration for choosing growth in the moment {CHOOSE GROWTH} and doing what you fear. You are my hero and such an amazing leader.
  • To my six munchkins who, if it weren’t for the Lord above blessing my life with them, this book and dream wouldn’t even be possible. Children, it is because of you and the gift that you are that I can share these testimonies of what God has taught me in young motherhood. I love you all!
  • To my awesome Designer Erin from Design by Insight {@erinulrich}… I am so thankful we sat next to each other at Relevant and met… praising God for how timely He brought you into my life. You have blessed me Erin, you are such a joy to work with- and talented too!
  • To Sandra @ Next Step Editing {@sandrapeoples}– you were so patient with me as my book went from 50 pages to 650 and then back down to 400… you have the patience of a saint. Thank you for all your teaching on grammar… I learned more than I ever wanted to… and I am better off for it!
  • To my Tia Dafne Cheatham, you labored with me through final editing and changing things around… so thankful to call you family. Love you Tia!
  • Thank you to all the special women in my life that have been there with me through this labor and my others… my mom Vicki Knutsen… my mother-in-law Sarah McQuillen… my girls Keziah Carter and Kirsten Tennhaken (you young ladies have been like family and walked through so much with us- thank you).
  • Thank you to my Mentors Ann Dunagan and Barbara Harper over the years and especially recently. Thank you for your inspiration, belief in me, and encouragement. You both are dear friends who have offered encouragement in those late nights and “blocked” moments of feeling like quitting.
  • Enormous THANK YOUs to all the special {anonymous} women God brought into my life to share their stories. Thank you for sharing such intimate stories and your heart with me. I am honored and I know your testimonies will glorify our Father in Heaven! To Him be the glory the great things HE has done.
  • Thanks to Lindsay Edmonds {Passionate Homemaking} for sharing your resources and testimonies.
  • Thank you to all my proof readers (all 17 of you) you are the best… thank you for sharpening me… stretching me and loving me through this… you truly are faithful friends.

This truly was a labor of love and I am so thankful for this community of saints who have stuck by my side and encouraged me through out this process… this book wouldn’t have happened so quickly if it weren’t for your support!