When You Just Had a Baby & You Don’t Feel Like Being Romantic

Hello Sisters, I know what you are thinking. I’ll just be the one to go ahead and say it. We’ve all been there before. Every day may be different when it comes to hormones during pregnancy and postpartum. Then there is the lack of sleep and exhaustion from either growing a human or being a […]

The Importance of Postpartum Care Part 1

“Is ours not a strange culture that focuses so much attention on childbirth–virtually all of it based on anxiety and fear–and so little on the crucial time after birth, when patterns are established that will affect the individual and the family for decades?” Suzanne Arms In the article, “How Other Countries Prevent Postpartum Depression“, Kathleen […]

When You Want Something So Bad and You Think You Won’t Get It

Today is a big day for our family. Today is our 2nd trimester ultra-sound. And as I write this, I am actually kind of anxious. I’ve never been in this space before over an ultra-sound. Some might think it’s a reflection of where I am spiritually. And to a degree it could be because you see I […]

Childbirth is Not a Curse, It’s a Blessing

Time for a Few Ice Breakers: Q: How do you know if you are pregnant or if you have the flu? A: If it’s the flu, you’ll get better Q: Does labor cause hemorrhoids? A: Labor causes anything you want to blame on it Ba-dum-tish Ok so now it’s time for serious. 😉 Yesterday we […]

God’s Motherhood BootCamp

“I have a baby in my tummy mommy.” Do you remember those days? The days when you played house in the attic or the garage with your baby dolls. If you think back to those warm spring days when you were 6-8 years old, what did you think of pregnancy? Do you remember? Did you […]

Give God Your Childbirth Plan

It’s part of our human nature; isn’t it? To take control… to attempt to find peace in “planning out our days.” Childbirth is no exception. From the day a woman finds out she is pregnant she begins dreaming, thinking, and planning about the day of her birth. Where will she birth her baby? How will […]

Division Can Disable ~ Sunday’s Prayer Link-Up

Intimate Topics are Controversial! So do we avoid them? Or do we speak out for God to be glorified? Usually Sunday’s are a Prayer-Link Up Sunday where we come together to pray for women, doctors, midwives, doulas, health care professionals, expectant fathers, mothers of multiples and more. Last week we prayed specifically for unity and […]

Crowning Him in Worship

What a gift we have to bring forth life! Many often think of the gift as being only the baby, but there is a gift in the opportunity to partner with God in this act of worship–childbirth. God designed women to worship Him in childbirth and He blesses us when we do!   Come visit […]