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As a friend of Bethany’s, I am very excited to share what she is doing to help moms all over the globe to regain strength and empower them to be the best mom and wife they can be. There are a lot of myths and contradicting beliefs about exercise and pregnancy out there today, so I have asked Bethany to join us this month to engage with us on this topic.  Redeeming Childbirth is offering a special Fit2B membership discount, just use the code “redeemingmybody”!  Would love to discuss what you think of this post on Facebook, join us today!   ~Angie

By: Bethany Learn, Founder of Fit2B Studio

Engage with Beth on FB!

Engage with Beth on FB!

Regardless of the type of birth a mother hopes to have, where she hopes to deliver, what pain methods she plans to utilize during delivery, how she chooses to nourish her body during pregnancy, who she wants in the room, or even what her personal beliefs are, there is ONE common physical factor that bears down on every woman as she approaches her great travail: STRENGTH.
Women have been told a great myriad of myths about physical activity during pregnancy over the years, and thus the pendulum of prescriptions for exercise has swung from one extreme to the other. We’ve gone from women squatting in fields to birth, wrap their babies around their backs and resuming their day’s work to treating pregnancy like it’s the most delicate time and putting women on bedrest in private assylums where “their condition” was kept private and secret. We’ve gone from telling women to “Keep your heart rate below 140 bpm, avoid weightlifting, and do 500 kegels a day” to telling them “You can do anything you did for 6 months prior to pregnancy.” So which is right? And what exercise is truly best for pregnancy?
As the founder of Fit2B Studio, an online fitness portal that offers family-friendly workout videos to prenatal and postnatal women, I had to find out that answer for sure a couple years ago. My personal reputation was on the line, and I wasn’t satisfied with how beat up my body was feeling after maintaining a high level of strenuous fitness activity through two pregnancies. Intuitively, I knew that our loving Creator designed us to birth over and over again, so why was I {and so many of my friends} still trying to heal my core and pelvic floor after two fairly normal, natural deliveries. My research shocked me!
I learned that the crunches and planks I’d been doing (and leading others to do) was keeping my ab muscles separated, preventing them from healing with every bulging motion and every moment I couldn’t keep my navel held to my spine. Thankfully, the woman I learned this from was available to meet with locally. Her name is Kelly Dean of The Tummy Team, and she agreed to meet me for coffee. Truthfully, when I first met with her, I was just in it for my members. I didn’t think my gap was very wide, and I just wanted to create safer workouts. But then Kelly let me audit her rehab course. Then Kelly checked my tummy. Then I cried. Then I made some radical changes.
Because the right exercise isn’t crunches or situps or planks. It’s a targeting of our God-given girdle, the transverse abdominus. It’s the breath itself. That exhale of a kiss that the Creator breathed into Adam, filling him and puffing his tummy, and when he breathed it out and opened his eyes, his belly smalled again. It’s that core, belly breath that relaxes and then strengthens, and it has become central to all I do.
Hard at Work Filming
Hard at Work Filming
I cannot tell you how hard it was to take down workouts that we’d worked so hard to film. I cannot say how angry I was at the fitness industry and my college course teachers for being so silent and ignorant. I cannot tell you how healing it was to just be STILL before my LORD and beg for direction and have it revealed to me. “Teach what you are learning.” That is what the still, small voice said. “Take it one step at a time, and trust ME to guide your footsteps.”
Piece by piece I have unearthed bits of information outside the prior scope of my education. Countless of hours of reading and researching and comparing articles and then discussing my findings with Kelly and other experts in the field – who were also hard to find – has led me to film over 30 new TummySafe workouts that will hopefully put women on a healthy path to finding their true core (spiritual and muscular). And it’s all about de-pressurizing.
You see the modern mama is so pressured, both inside and out, and modern fitness just adds to that pressure with insane workouts that a lady has to psych herself up to do! There’s little out there for the mother who needs to unwind while getting stronger. And there’s very little out there that’s filmed in more than skimpy shorts and spandex bras. So I offer peace. I offer modesty. I offer the comfort of your own home. And I like to think I offer a peace of healing (misspelling intentional) because so many women have been led to believe they need to hurt themselves to get in shape. And that’s a lie. My consideration is for building women up and encouraging them, so they can be MORE for their families with MORE energy and MORE stamina and MORE core love, peace and joy!
I hope you’ll visit my site and check out what I’m doing. We do not “bill” it as christian fitness because diastasis doesn’t just affect godly homemakers. Women from all walks need help with their health, and if they turn to Fit2B, I don’t want blatant advertisements of faith to send them running. But it’s there, subtleties in the videos and in our “about” section. And the emails I get would leave you head spinning because it sneaks up on them and then they thirst for more! They start to feel safe, and their gaps start to close, and their hearts are touched. This truly a ministry not bound by the confines of continents or church buildings, and my hope is that my Jesus will use me to massage the scar tissue of c-sections and broken hearts every time someone is watching one of my workouts.
Beth is a wife and mother of two. She has been a certified Fitness and
Physical Trainer for sixteen years. With a bachelors degree from OSU in Exercise and Sport Fitness and extensive certifications over the past sixteen years, Beth is more than qualified and fit2b the founder/main instructor of Fit2B Studios. Her heart for empowering ordinary moms to have the strength to do their jobs well is what I love most what she is doing. It may be a business, but to many of us, it is also a ministry. You can find Beth engaging women about fitness and core wholeness on the Fit2B FB Page or on Twitter!
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