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In continuation of launch week we have another awesome giveaway today in honor of all mothers who selflessly serve their families! Today’s theme is “Caring for Mama!” After you participate in this giveaway head over to our home page for the ipad mini giveaway!

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It’s easy as moms to get busy taking care of everyone needs. In that busy-ness, we sometimes (or often) forget… no, neglect to take care of ourselves. We don’t forget, do we moms? We know and often times the “acknowledgement” that we are neglecting to take care of our bodies is what can bother us the most… deep down at the core. We know we need more sleep, but we chose to stay up late for whatever reason. We know we ought not eat that fast food, but we did it anyway because we simply didn’t prepare healthy snacks. We know we ought to get regular physical exercise, but we just don’t want to… really.

As moms, we need to think long term with regard to how we take care of our bodies. Like any earthly thing, we can “break” and “wear out.” During my last pregnancy, my back literally went out on me. MY morning sickness was lethal… almost! 🙂 And being pregnant six times in ten years, was really hard on my body. But you know what my biggest problem was? I wasn’t taking good care of myself in between, focusing on strengthening my core. I wasn’t thinking about what I was really modeling to my daughters. I often think about what I am teaching and what I am modeling. But sometimes that deeper question is what am I NOT modeling? My heart was in serving my family and I just figured this season was a season where I wasn’t going to have the time to offer or the money to spend going to the gym or having a personal trainer. Have you ever thought that?

But you know what? We do need to take care of our selves, so that we can take care of our families. We need to model for our children healthy habits both spiritually and physically. We need to model to our daughters that taking care of our bodies is loving our families and God, so we CAN serve Him and them better, longer!

So today I am extremely excited to introduce to you Fit2 B Us! Beth Learn is a friend in real life, who I met through my friend Alice Behnke {pick pocket molly}. Beth is passionate about health, fitness and family. She is a mom of two and the owner of Fit 2B, which is a fantastic resource for moms. We can now work out at home! Yay! For a super low price, we get access to “tummy safe” exercises on video, made by a mom who dresses modestly and is appropriate to have on tv/computer in front of your children! You can finally exercise in your home, with your kids without needing to sensor! Woo Hoo, Right!

Today’s Giveaways:

disknecklace-store-150x150 3 Month Membership to Fit2B Studios   donated by Beth Learn {more about Bethany below Giveaway}

Essential Oils Intro Kit {lavender, lemon, and peppermint} donated by Carmen @ Natural & Nourished Family

2 Disc Necklace   donated by Erika Martenson from Mountain Girl Jewelry

Thanks so much for the donations today ladies!

Yesterday’s “New Mama Giveaway” Winner is … Aimee Cabrera From House of Blessings & Mama to Nine Blessings!

Redeeming Childbirth Spreecast Event

Join Us tonight for a Spreecast Party! 6-7 pm PST/9-10pm EST

Go to: http://www.spreecast.com/events/redeeming-childbirth-together and look for Redeeming Childbirth

For those of you who don’t know of Spreecasts… they are recorded webinars/conference chats! You can chose to be seen or heard, one or the other, or neither. I will be the moderator/host! So look for Angie Tolpin!
I look forward to connecting with you! This is super fun because we can actually talk, like skype, but with lots of people and it gets recorded!

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About Bethany & Fit2B Studios

Button Bethany is the founder of an online fitness portal that provides its members with unlimited access to workout videos. Her family friendly focus keeps things modest, safe and fun for all ages. Most importantly, she avoids moves that are unsafe for the abdominal walls of those with diastasis. This common injury is a public health issue for men, women and children and crunches/situps/planks can make it worse! So she is passionate about letting people know how to heal their split tummy muscles and offering ways to workout if they have a gap in their gut, so to speak 😉

Bethany explains her passion for Fit2B
Since childhood, I have been consistently fascinated by two miracles of creation: birth and bodies. Over time, this developed into a passionate accumulation of wisdom about postnatal fitness and what it really takes to get a mother “back into shape.” Birth is supposed to be a sacred, joyous time in a woman’s life, but trauma and injury during delivery can shadow a woman’s recovery and haunt her body with unnecessary hindrances. Many moms have resigned themselves to being broken, and my heart aches to share the truth of simple healing through loving movement to every woman, everywhere. Using my degree in Exercise and Sport Science, along with 14 years of experience in the fitness industry, and two years of researching the methods of abdominal rehab experts, I’m equipping and empowering women to establish a life-changing core reconnection through Fit2B Studio’s wholesome, family-friendly workouts.

Thank you Bethany for offering a 3 month membership to one blessed mama!

You can find Bethany here: Twitter @Fit2bmama, FB Page: Fit 2B

About Angie Tolpin

Angie is married to her best friend Isaac and is a homeschooling mom to seven children ranging in age from 5 months to 15 years old. She loves to encourage moms and wives and thrives best when accompanied by her husband as they speak together. She is the author of Redeeming Childbirth, The Growth & Study Guide, and the online Bible Study: The Quiet Fight Between Women.

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