The Heart Behind the Birth Plan

Hear me out please. I am was going to share an article on epidurals in this post, but then I realized how very easy it is for you to simply google any article yourself. In fact, it is your responsibility to gain knowledge, both pros and cons, in making a decision regarding your health and your babies. I do not feel called to teach these pros and cons, there are many out there who are already doing that. You need to desire the knowledge and seek it out. Instead, I do feel called to share with you some of my heart on the issue of idols with regard to either decision… to have an epidural or not to.

PLEASE do not misunderstand my intentions in sharing this! Assume the best of your sister in Christ here… ok. I am not attributing getting or not getting an epi to anything spiritual at all. I never have. HOWEVER, I do feel there is a need to exhort you as a sister in the Lord, because I believe someone needs to speak out on this, which I try to in the Book “Redeeming Childbirth.”

1.) It is our responsibility to get educated, to make educated decisions with regard to caring for our bodies. If you are pregnant and are considering an epidural, please do your research. Don’t just take a doctors word for it, because there are a lot of opinions out there. I believe since we (most of us) were raised in a culture that puts a higher respect on knowledge or expertise backed by a degree, we can easily forget to ask questions, especially when what we are hearing soothes our fear or justifies our wants. Let’s be independent thinkers that ask questions recognizing that often times there are at least two sides to every perspective. Then use discernment and grace in making our decisions, knowing that the Lord will not withhold grace from us as we make mistakes or have regrets along the road called life.

2.) There is a temptation for sin on BOTH SIDES of this issue.

  • For those who DON’T get an epidural, the temptation for sin can land in them being judgmental of others who do, becoming prideful in their own decision, ability and knowledge. BE WARNED. BE CAREFUL you DO NOT MAKE AN IDOL OUT OF NATURAL CHILDBIRTH.

  • For those who DO get an epidural, the temptation for sin would also be in the matter of the heart, to be judgmental of those who don’t, and to make an idol out of an epidural or a doctor.

    For many women, they find a false sense of security in the epidural. Because of their decision to have an epidural they can, they can rest assured, that unless something terrible goes wrong {and what are the odds of that?}, they will not have to experience as much pain as they would without the epidural. Obviously, this is true, otherwise women wouldn’t get them. If what they promise {pain free or less painful birth}, wasn’t what they offered, no one would get them. Right?

    Why do I say a false sense of security? Because our only security should be in Christ, in all things: Childbirth, unemployment, health issues, trials of any kind, or prosperity in any form. Again don’t mistake me, I am not saying that getting an epidural is a sin. I am NOT saying that. I don’t believe that. What I am saying is that we need to examine our intentions in this just as we would any decision in life. Amen?

    Let me repeat myself so there is NO confusion. Am I saying that all women who get an epidural are in sin? That they are making an idol out of epidurals? Or have found a sense of security from the promise that comes with the decision to get one?

    Let me say this loudly, a few times even… No



No one knows where your heart is, but the Lord. I would NEVER claim to know the why of your decisions. I would NEVER claim to know what is in your heart or where you are “at.” That is not my intention. Just as I faced this decision, six times over {I get it}, I too wanted to grow personally, to grow spiritually, to be introspective, to put my intentions on trial, to examine my heart, and to have a clear conscious before the Lord. I was convicted of my own idols. And was called by God, to sacrifice those idols. This is part of the sanctifying journey as a Christ follower. To put all of our intentions on trial.

This isn’t about doing things my way.  It has never been what this was about. And just because one way was right before the Lord for me, or another sister in the Lord, it doesn’t mean that it is right for you.

We are all on a unique journey with the Lord, every decision, every crossroad in life,


And this…

Ladies, my heart is not to stir up arguing. It is not to stand on a high horse and try to bring spirituality to something that IS NEUTRAL. It is to somehow speak out, to lead, and ask you the why behind your decisions, either way. Are you falling into a trap of making an idol? We are to challenge one another to be introspective about all things, to challenge one another to grow. My heart is NOT for you to feel judged either way. Please Lord, let them see my heart. I have always struggled with one of the gifts the Lord has given me… exhortation. Today’s culture which is so wrought with pride, doesn’t allow for this gift to exist in the church. Please know that I care only for you to “put your intentions on trial,” either way.

Let’s put our intentions on trial. Be prayerfully introspective. Our birth isn’t all about us, like the culture says. It’s bigger than us. {If you would like more on surrendering your birth plan- check out the growth & study guide}


With all my love and deep care for your hearts and the division in the church that so often distracts us from our Greatest Mission: Loving Others and Pursuing to do our part in the Great Commission of Making Disciples.

To continue the discussion join me on Redeeming Childbirth’s Facebook Page or Leaving a Legacy.  This blog post was inspired by the book Redeeming Childbirth: Experiencing His Presence in Pregnancy, Labor, Childbirth, and Beyond. And specifically the chapter entitled “Birth is Bigger than my Belly!” To view the entire book chapter headings go here.


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