Birth Planning Tools

The Mission of Redeeming Childbirth is to equip, encourage and inspire women in every season of womanhood to embrace the beautiful blessing this season has to offer.

For the young mother-to-be, we have resources and “virtual mentoring” through personal testimonies of women who have “gone before”.

For the seasoned mama we have spiritual encouragement for when you are weary and added resources to help you intentionally engage in teaching your younger children about pregnancy, labor and birth. Every family may have a different conviction about “how” involved their children should be and we respect that 100%. But we do advocate being intentional about opening lines of communication on the topic of intimacy and developing a relationship with your children that promotes honest {confident} communication.

"The Blessings"coming soon…

For Titus 2 Women we have a few chapters dedicated to you in the book as well~ largely because I believe that once a woman experiences something as life changing and growing as childbirth~ they have entered into a new season of womanhood~ one that honestly qualifies them to share and mentor other young friends and mamas-to-be. My passion is to equip these young mothers and older Titus 2 women with tools, discussion questions and resources to bridge the divide among women on this topic of childbirth. Since we are all on our journey towards being a Titus 2 woman… there is no better time to start training intentionally than now.

Aside from the chapters in the book teaching on mentoring… there will be a mentors guide coming available in the Spring of 2013.

Please check out the tabs under neath this one…The Ultra-Sound of Worship is meant to be used as a tool for women… whether in there home or in labor.

Coming Soon:

  • Printable Birth Guides
  • “Pin-able” Photos with Hymns and Verses to meditate on
  • Reader Only Downloads
  • Free Downloads