Welcome to Redeeming Childbirth. If this is your first time here I encourage you to read the vision and mission behind this online ministry, the book, the guide and the blog.

As the creator of Redeeming Childbirth, the vision the Lord has impressed upon my heart is to simply encourage women to seek the Lord’s unique will and path for their lives. The choices and decisions we make as women of God directly impact if we are living in alignment with His will and I believe the Lord wants to guide EVERY aspect of our lives including the journey and season of pregnancy and childbirth. A woman can feel emotionally overwhelmed and fearful during this season and my hope is that by reading the blog and studying the book and the guide along beside the Word of God that she can become confident in Christ and empowered by His Spirit.

Another aspect that I am very sensitive to is that this topic is very controversial among women today. And though I am an advocate for natural birth because I believe it is the healthiest for both the mama and the baby, I do not advocate judgmental arrogance or “badge flaunting.” I believe the Father grieves deeply for the division among women on this topic. Childbirth and pregnancy use to bond women closer and today it seems to divide women more than bring them closer. My heart is that women would be simply encouraged in the Lord, inspired to invite the Lord back into this journey, and choose to live in freedom from fear. God designed us to partner with Him in bringing forth life and this is a huge privilege! But we also have the responsibility to glorify Him and invite Him to be a part of our decision-making and experience.

My biggest hope is that women would be united under one common concept– inviting Jesus Christ back into this “compartment” of life. Surrendering all decisions, leaning on Him, choosing to birth our babies in a way that glorifies Him, witnesses His grace and shares the gospel.

So I invite you to grab a cup of tea or coffee and roam around the website and communities here.

There are also many videos on this website, radio interviews and guest posts on other blogs featured in the sidebar so feel free to bop around and enjoy yourself! I hope you will be encouraged in the Lord.

Joyful MotherhoodMany Blessings to you and your family sister!

Angie Tolpin

[email protected]

The Video Announcing the Launch of Redeeming Childbirth, the book!

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“Redeeming Childbirth: Experiencing His Presence in Pregnancy, Labor, Childbirth and Beyond” is available in Paperback, Hard Copy, Kindle, Nook and International E-book versions.

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Fun Highlights from the past months launching Redeeming Childbirth:

~Connecting with Like-Minded Bloggers & Friends through a Dedicated Launch Team
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~Many Speaking Engagements {schedule click here}
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~TV Network Interview
Converging Zone w/Robert Ricciardelli {CHOOSE GROWTH NETWORK}
~Guest Posting for Other Blogs
~Enabling Missionaries, Midwives & PRCs to stock the book as an evangelistic tool
~ & meeting new sisters and brothers in Christ everywhere!


Your Sister in Christ,

Angie Tolpin



May you be blessed and encouraged to seek and hunger more for the Lord! If you would like to connect with me, the author please visit my personal website at Leaving a Legacy {Angietolpin.com}, on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

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